Activities mat_mws 18 mars 2015


Foster and develop contact and exchange of ideas between all people and all organizations concerned, for a complete understanding of fertilization and all its consequences.

Help to inform the agricultural world, in conjunction with the agencies responsible for education, continuing education and agricultural development, through numerous publications.

Organize working meetings on issues of fertilization, either directly or through other agencies or with their collaboration.

Collaborate with national, foreign or international organizations who share, in whole or in part, a mission similar to that of COMIFER.

Propose the implementation of all appropriate means to harmonize and encourage progress relating to sustainable fertilization.

Representation of all public or private organizations, French or foreign.


Comifer GPN mesureScientific knowledge about the crop cycle and their fertilizer requirements, as much from the point of view of their dynamics as from the variations between environments, constitute the indispensable basis for the development of new fertilization system.