Nitrogen fertilization and nitrate directive mat_mws 24 mars 2015

Nitrogen fertilization and nitrate directive


Calculation of nitrogen fertilization

This guide sets out the rules for calculating nitrogen fertilization according to the provisional balance method and is a useful update the first 1996 edition. It applies to annual crops and pastures. Read more … It is used in all production systems (reasoned, biological, integrated …) because it captures all possible sources of nitrogen (nitrogen from symbiotic fixation in legumes, organic nitrogen in intermediate crops or residues of previous crops and mineral nitrogen fertilizers).



This COMIFER guide is intended for farmers and all the players in training and consulting. Prescribers can decline the method in their regional context or according to the specificities of certain crops. Experimentation should always validate the parameters and estimates necessary to propose an operational advice.

Download the Nitrogen brochure (Updated – 2013)



National COMIFER RMT & Environment Day

Comifer germe3National COMIFER RMT & Environment Day March 15, 2012, with the support of the two ministries with the attention of the experts named in the GREN.

Download the presentations from the national day:


Session 1 – Unit for the method and diversity of tools


Session 2 – National and regional references to the tools required


Session 3 – Implementation of tools and adjustment possibilities


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